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There are two distinct varieties of Azerbaijani, also called Azeri. North Azerbaijani - which uTalk teaches - is spoken in Azerbaijan, Dagestan and parts of Central Asia, while South Azerbaijani is spoken in Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria. There is a good degree of understanding between the two languages, although they're written with different scripts in different areas: in Azerbaijan, it's the Latin script.

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Fun facts — Azerbaijani

Azerbaijani is closely related and mostly mutually intelligible with Turkish. However, many similar words can have big differences in meaning. For example, 'Subayım' means 'I am an officer' in Turkish but 'I’m single' in Azerbaijani.

There is no verb 'to have'.

An Azerbaijani proverb, Ədəb bazarda satılmaz, means 'politeness is not sold in the bazaar', or 'it's not easy to be polite'.

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