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About Cantonese (Traditional Chinese)

Cantonese is the standard form of Yue Chinese and is the official language of Hong Kong and Macau. It is also a lingua franca in parts of mainland China, specifically the areas of Guangdong and Guangzhou. Cantonese has six tones which can completely change the meaning of a word. It shares a lot of its vocabulary with Mandarin but speakers of these languages cannot understand each other. uTalk helps you learn Cantonese as it is spoken in Hong Kong by over 95% of the population.

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Fun facts — Cantonese

  • One phrase used to express annoyance is 'puk gai' 踣街 meaning 'fall on the street' - similar to 'damn!' in English.
  • Swearing is so common among Cantonese speakers that there used to be laws in Hong Kong prohibiting the use of swear words in certain public areas!
  • The Cantonese version of 'it's all Greek to me' translates as 'chicken's intestines'.

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