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Cebuano is known by many names: Binisaya, Bisaya, Sebuano, Sugbuanon, Sugbuhanon and Visayan. It is a language spoken in the Philippines, mostly in the Central Visayas, Eastern Visayas and Mindanao. It is the second most spoken language of the Philippines after Tagalog, with which it shares a lot of words - others come from Spanish, English, Chinese and Arabic. Standard Cebuano is based on the dialect of south east Cebu.

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Fun facts — Cebuano

  • Historically, there were more speakers of Cebuano than Tagalog, but Tagalog, spoken in the regions around the capital city, was chosen as the official language.
  • It is important to put the stress in the right place in Cebuano. Dápit means 'place', while dapit means 'to invite'.
  • English words borrowed into Cebuano are spelled according to native pronunciation: brislit for bracelet, drayiber for driver, and hayiskul for high school are common ones.
  • The Cebuano alphabet - a version of the Latin alphabet - has just 20 letters.

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