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About Norwegian (Bokmål)

Norwegian is a descendant of Old Norse and is mutually intelligible with Danish and Swedish. It also shares similarities with Icelandic and Faroese. There are two official written standards of Norwegian - Nynorsk and Bokmål - each with variations in vocabulary, spelling and grammar. A significant majority of the population uses Bokmål, and so does uTalk. There is, however, no standardised spoken Norwegian, so people will speak in their own dialects - of which Norway has many - in both formal and informal settings.

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Fun facts — Norwegian

  • The word 'pålegg' can be used to refer to anything that can be put on top of a piece of bread.
  • English borrows the word 'fjord' from Norwegian.
  • If Norwegians think something is completely crazy, they'll say it's 'totally Texas' - helt texas - because in Western films Texas is depicted as a lawless, chaotic place.

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