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A planned language created to promote international communication, Esperanto has a strong core of devoted followers around the world. It's designed to be incredibly easy to learn, so what are you waiting for?

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Fun facts about Esperanto

There is nothing irregular about this language: nouns always end in -o, adjectives always end in -a, and there is only one conjugation to each verb!

At an Esperanto get-together, you may hear the phrase 'ne krokodilu!' - don't crocodile - which is an instruction not to speak your native language instead of Esperanto.

Despite being a constructed language, there are now about 1000 'denaska' - native - speakers of Esperanto.

In Esperanto, if you want to say 'it's all Greek to me' you say 'ĝi estas laŭ mi Volapukaĵo' which literally translates as 'It's all Volapük to me'!

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