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Fun facts about Zulu

Like several other languages in Southern Africa, Zulu has click sounds. Written with the letters c, q and x, the sounds are made by clicking the tongue against the front teeth, the top and the right side of the mouth, respectively. These can be combined with other sounds, producing words like 'ingqondo', meaning 'brain' and 'ukugxoba', meaning 'to stamp'.

Zulu has two 'b' sounds: bh which is similar to an English 'b', and b which is made by simultaneously sucking air into the mouth!

The Zulu proverb 'ingwe idla ngamabala' (literally, 'a leopard eats by means of its spots') means that everyone survives using his or her own specific talents.

'Sawubona' is a common Zulu greeting and literally means 'we see you'

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