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About Belarusian

Belarusian is an official language in Belarus along with Russian, and has up to a million speakers living abroad in countries including Russia, Poland and the United States. It is closely related to both Ukrainian and Russian. Estimates as to how many people speak Belarusian vary, with a government survey from 2009 estimating that only 12% of Belarusians actively use the language at home. Belarusian has three grammatical genders and adjectives have different endings for male and female speakers.

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Fun facts — Belarusian

  • The single word 'самота' - samota - in Belarusian conveys a sense of pining, sadness, and longing which is both painful and pleasant.
  • Less than 20% of schoolchildren in Belarus are taught in Belarusian - most instruction happens in the country's other official language, Russian.
  • Belarusian is about 80% mutually intelligible with Ukrainian and 75% with Russian.
  • Belarusian has a letter, Ў ў, which makes it easily distinguishable from Russian.

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