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English has been spoken by a minority of people in India for more than 200 years and in 1947 was given the status of a subsidiary official language. It is estimated that about 12% of Indians know some English today. It is the language of the country’s legal system, universities and, in many cases, government. Indian English is understandable to other English speakers but includes some unique words and expressions.

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Fun facts about English (Indian)

It is estimated that around 12% of Indians know some Indian English.

Indian English uses the Indian numbering system, including 'one lakh' for a hundred thousand, 'ten lakh' for a million, and 'one crore' for ten million.

Expressions include saying someone is 'foreign-returned' if they lived abroad, saying 'I belong to Delhi' for I'm from Delhi and 'my friend is eating my brain' meaning my friend won't stop talking!

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