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About Haitian Creole

Haitian Creole is the first language of about 95% of Haitians. Ninety per cent of its vocabulary is based on 18th century French, making some Haitian phrases sound outdated to European French speakers. Despite this heavy influence on vocabulary, the grammar is very different to French. For example, the definite article comes at the end of a noun rather than before it: 'plaj' is 'beach' and 'plaj la' is 'the beach'. Other influences include Spanish, Portuguese, English, Wolof and Haiti's indigenous Taino language.

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Fun facts — Haitian Creole

  • The Haitian phrase 'è poul va fè dan' - when hens grow teeth - means 'never'!
  • If someone is acting in a silly manner, you can say that they 'voye flè' - throw flowers.
  • The way to get around in Haiti is by the buses called 'tap taps' which literally means 'quick quicks'.

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