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About Kyrgyz

Kyrgyz, also spelt Kirghiz, is primarily spoken in Kyrgyzstan, with additional speakers in China, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan and other nearby countries. As a Turkic language, its has similarities in grammar and vocabulary to Turkish, although its closest relative is Kazakh - speakers of Kazakh and Kyrgyz can understand each other. Kyrgyz has been written with the Perso-Arabic script in the past and still is in China, but the Cyrillic script has been official in Kyrgyzstan since 1940, despite attempts to move across to the Latin alphabet.

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Fun facts — Kyrgyz

  • There is a Kyrgyz saying: 'The value of your homeland is known once you’re in another place'.
  • The Kyrgyz proverb 'Балыкчыбалыкчыныалыстантааныйт' means 'a fisherman sees another fisherman from the distance', or 'birds of a feather stick together'.
  • Like other Turkic languages, Kyrgyz verbs have special conjugations to show whether or not the speaker has witnessed the event being described.

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