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About Portuguese

Worldwide, Portuguese has around 200 million speakers, most of whom live in Brazil. It is also an official language in countries including Cape Verde, Mozambique, Angola, East Timor, as well as in Macau. With this app, you’ll be learning the European variant, spoken by most people in Portugal. Its vocabulary derives from Latin, with some Celtic influences and loan words from French and English. Speakers of European Portuguese will also be able to understand a large amount of the Galician language and vice versa.

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Fun facts — Portuguese

  • Portuguese vocabulary has some influences from Arabic, like 'garrafa' (bottle), 'azeite' (olive oil), 'alface' (lettuce) and 'almofada' (cushion).
  • 'Estar com os azeites' (to be with olive oil) means to be upset or angry.
  • If someone has water up his beard (água pela barba) it means they're working very hard.
  • The names Portugal and Portuguese both take their name from the country’s second biggest city Porto which comes from the Latin word ‘portus’ for port or harbour.

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