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About Scots

Scots is spoken in Lowland Scotland, the Northern Isles and parts of Ulster. It derives from the Northumbrian dialect of Anglian and is a sister language to English. Once the language of the Scottish royalty, Scots is now classified as an endangered language. It is mostly used in informal settings, although recent efforts at revitalisation have led to Scots being supported in the national curriculum.

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United Kingdom

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West Germanic

Fun facts — Scots

  • If you've heard people sing Auld Lang Syne at New Year, you've heard Scots. The title means 'long long ago'.
  • In Scots, you don't 'do the shopping', you 'go the messages'.
  • The phrase 'Dinna fash yersel’, meaning don't worry yourself, borrows the word 'fash' from the French fâcher (to get annoyed/angry).

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