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About 60% of the population of Latin America speaks Spanish as a native language. This makes up a huge proportion of Spanish speakers in the world - nearly 420 million of about 470 million. Descending from Latin, Spanish has similarities to Italian, Portuguese and Catalan. There are variations in how Spanish is spoken in different countries, with Argentinian Spanish having especially distinctive vocabulary and accents. uTalk has selected the words that are understood in the widest possible area of Latin America and uses voice artists from Mexico and Honduras.

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Fun facts about Latin American Spanish

Whereas in European Spanish the letters z and c are pronounced as 'th' when they come before an i or e, in Latin American Spanish they are pronounced as 's'.

If you want to say that something is crazy, you can say that it's 'más loco que una cabra con pollitos'- madder than a goat with chicks.

There are quite a few differences in vocabulary between Latin American and European Spanish - compare computadora for computer, papa for potato and teléfono celular for mobile in Latin America to ordenador, patata and móvil in Spain.

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