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Moroccan Arabic, also known as Moroccan Darija, is the version of Arabic spoken in Morocco and is the first language of over half the population. It is part of the Maghrebi Arabic group along with Algerian and Tunisian Arabic, which are broadly mutually understandable. It is mostly a spoken language, with Modern Standard Arabic being used in most written situations. French is also prevalent in the country and influences the vocabulary of Moroccan Arabic significantly. Other major influences come from Berber and Spanish. 

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Fun facts about Arabic (Moroccan)

Moroccan Arabic is so different from other regional dialects of Arabic that it is considered the most difficult to understand by Middle Eastern Arabs.

Moroccans use many French words in their daily speech but many words are also of Spanish origin. For example, 'kitchen' is kuzina (كوزينة) from Spanish cucina. 'Week' is simana (سيمانا) from Spanish semana.

Vowels are very short and are often dropped: 'country', pronounced balad (بلد), becomes blad or bled.

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