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About Latin

Latin was the language spoken by the Romans across the former Roman Empire. It is the root of many European languages and Latin terms are commonly used in medicine, science, law and biology. The spoken Classical Latin on this app has been voiced by graduates from the UK’s Oxford University, based on historical evidence of how it was spoken. They have also re-imagined modern-day words in Latin such as plane ‘aeria navis’ which translates as airborne ship.

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Vatican City

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Fun facts — Latin

  • Words which come from Latin include 'eg' which is short for 'exempli gratia' - for example - 'etc' for 'et cetera' - and the rest - and 'vice versa' - position turned.
  • ATMs in Vatican City display the Latin words 'deductio ex pecunia' - available for cash withdrawal.
  • 'I've got a wolf by the ears', auribus teneo lupum, was a popular saying in Ancient Rome to describe a tricky situation.
  • The Roman numeral system (I = 1, II = 2, III = 3, IV = 4 etc.) is still in use today.

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