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About Sindhi

Sindhi is an official regional language of Pakistan, where it is spoken in the Sindh province. It has a smaller population in India, mostly in the states of Gujarat, Rajastan and Maharashtra. In Pakistan, Sindhi is written with a version of the Arabic script, whereas in India the Devanagari script - also used for Hindi - may be used. The language is derived from Sanskrit but more recent additions to vocabulary come from Arabic, Persian and Urdu.

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Fun facts — Sindhi

  • 'Sindh' is derived from the Sanskrit word for 'river', referring specifically to the Indus River.
  • The ancient Persians pronounced 'Sindh' as 'Hind', which is thus the origins of both 'Hindu' and 'India'!
  • One Sindhi saying goes: 'All fingers are not of the same size and shape', meaning 'each to his own'.

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