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About Lithuanian

Lithuanian - lietuvių kalba - is one of only two living Baltic languages, the other being Latvian. There used to be many more in the same family - such as Old Prussian - but they became extinct. Linguists are particularly interested in Lithuanian because it's a very old language which shares some words - like avis meaning sheep - and grammatical constructions with the classical Indian language Sanskrit. There are also a number of loanwords from neighbouring Slavic and Germanic languages, such as Polish and German.

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Fun facts — Lithuanian

  • Traditionally, if a woman gets married she adds the particle '-ienė' to the surname, indicating her new status - although nowadays this is becoming less and less common.
  • 'A good ploughman can plough even with a goose' is a literal translation of a Lithuanian saying, meaning a good craftsman can do his job even if his tools are not good.
  • Nearly all Lithuanian words end in a vowel or an -s.

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