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About Tswana

Tswana, or Setswana, is the national language of Botswana, where it has over 1 million speakers, and is one of the official languages of South Africa, where it has over 3.5 million speakers. It is also spoken in Namibia and Zimbabwe. It is closely related to Sotho. Tswana is a Bantu language, part of a family that stretches over sub-Saharan Africa. One characteristic of these languages is the noun class system, in which each noun is grouped depending on whether it’s animate, inanimate, plant, human, abstract etc. and will behave in a certain way depending on this classification.

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Fun facts — Tswana

  • 'Eating without sharing is like swearing with your mouth' is a Tswana proverb.
  • Tswana is the most widely spoken language in Botswana and English is the most widely written language.
  • Tswana has two tones, high and low, and the low tones are used in more words.

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