🎶 This uTalk 3.3 release will be music to your ears 🎶

You’ll now be able to listen to music in the background while learning which, according to the people who know, can ease stress, create a positive mood and aid learning.

And, to show we’ve thought of everything, the music turns off automatically when you’re recording.

You’ll also be able to adjust the text size from Normal, Large or Largest in the Settings Menu – one of our most requested features. 

And autoplay in Phrase Practice will now loop round – perfect for leaving on in the background while you get on with stuff.  

Finally, our tech guys say high-resolution computer screens will now be supported – so no more blurry images – and there’s big under the hood changes to improve performance on all devices and operating systems. 

But the most important thing is what music are you going to choose for your background track?  Let us know by tweeting us or going to facebook.com/uTalk

Happy learning!

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