The Healing Power of Language Learning

More than 5,000 modern slavery offences are recorded by police in the UK every year but experts believe this is just the tip of the iceberg. Modern slavery typically involves labour exploitation or sexual exploitation and sometimes both. Around three-quarters of victims who are brought to the attention of UK authorities are not UK nationals … Read more

Our Javanese Love Letter

The script written above is very special to us.  It’s an example of the original Javanese writing system which, like 85% of the world’s alphabets, is endangered. It also means “I love you” in Javanese. Javanese is the native language of about 40% of the population of Indonesia and is spoken by around 98,000,000 people. … Read more

How You Can Swerve Valentine’s Day – If You’re a Man!

If Valentine’s Day gives you a heavy heart instead of a heart-warming glow, try moving to South Korea! On 14th February, women give chocolate to men as a sign of affection and all their loved ones have to do is say thank you (감사합니다 or gamsahamnida in Korean). But the tables are turned on 14th … Read more

uTalk’s Quirks, its Critics and its link with the Queen!

uTalk Founder Dick Howeson and in-house language expert Nat Dinham were quizzed about the company’s ethos in an interview with New York-based podcaster and speaker Fiel Sahir this week. Here are some of the highlights: Why uTalk’s content includes the basics There’s a reason why the app always includes the words written on men’s and … Read more

Languages are our heart and soul

Languages say something about our culture and our soul, according to uTalk’s language guru (pictured). Which is why Brian Loo Soon Hua, who knows upwards of eight languages, is worried about the number of endangered languages on the verge of becoming extinct. ‘Languages are going extinct and regional differences are slowly dying out,’ he says. … Read more

The Travelling Potato

The everyday potato has anything but an everyday past, notching up thousands of miles – and dozens of names – in a voyage that has taken it around the world. In this post, uTalk’s Language Guru, Brian Loo Soon Hua, charts the potato’s epic journey. Starting out in Southern Peru and Northern Bolivia, where potatoes … Read more

Back to the Future with Ancient Greek

Learn Ancient Greek as it was spoken more than 2,500 years ago with the newest addition to the uTalk language learning app – and discover why there’s no word for socks! London-based language learning company uTalk made the app, in consultation with Classics experts, to recreate how hundreds of authentic Ancient Greek words and phrases … Read more

uTalk’s Great Language Adventure

Try out 40 languages free as part of uTalk’s Great Language Adventure We’re off on a round the world trip by (virtual) planes, trains, boats and automobiles to meet and talk to people in 40 different countries celebrating the fact that uTalk goes to more places than any other languages company. Our mascot has started his tour in … Read more

Valentine’s day – a day for declaring your love in any way you can.

Valentine’s day – a day for declaring your love in any way you can. But love can often be more tortured than a simple declaration. As Alfred de Musset said in his book “On ne badine pas avec l’amour”: “We are often deceived in love, often wounded and often miserable; but we love, and when … Read more