uTalk’s Great Language Adventure

Try out 40 languages free as part of uTalk’s Great Language Adventure

We’re off on a round the world trip by (virtual) planes, trains, boats and automobiles to meet and talk to people in 40 different countries celebrating the fact that uTalk goes to more places than any other languages company.

Our mascot has started his tour in Norway where the language of the week is Saami. Take a look at uTalk’s Facebook page or @utalk on Twitter and Instagram to see his postcards with funny snippets of information along the way but you can do more than that too.

Each week he will give you a special code to unlock the language for where he is so you can discover some new words too.

The idea was dreamt up by our language producer Nat Dinham who is adding new languages to the app every month and our designer Luke Henley who loves to bring different cultures alive graphically.


“Language learning is a great adventure and we want to excite people about all the languages they could learn as well as giving them a chance to learn a few words with us along the way.”, said Nat.

uTalk’s chairman Dick Howeson says adventure is at the heart of the company’s story.

“uTalk has always dared to go where most others don’t which is how we’re still leaders after 25 years in business. Speaking just a few word in someone else’s language can make you friends and open you up to new experiences. I can’t wait to see what Max gets up to.”

uTalk’s Great language Adventure will cover most continents of the world over 40 weeks. The itinerary for each leg will be revealed in social media each week along with the code for that week’s language. You’ll able to keep track of the adventure on a special map being built on our office wall. To take part go to utalk.com/adventure. And don’t forget to share your stories about the places we visit too!

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