Nombres de los días de la semana y meses en italiano

Déjenos ayudarle a familiarizarse con los días de la semana y los meses en italiano, profundizando en sus fascinantes derivaciones. Desde un mes vinculado a Marte, el dios de la guerra, a un día dedicado al sol, hay mucho por descubrir, además de aprender las historias de trasfondo ¡que seguramente ayudarán a que recuerdes ese … Read more

100 Most Common Italian Words

When learning a new language, one of the most useful things you can do is learn the words that crop up often. Frequency lists show you words in a language that are used most, well, frequently. In this post, we’ve gathered together the 100 most frequent Italian words – take a look and see which … Read more

How to Tell the Time in Italian

Want to learn to tell the time in Italian? Being able to tell the time in any language is important, and it’s really not as difficult as it might first appear. Read our blog post and, by the end of it, you’ll be telling the time like a pro! Telling the time in Italian is pretty straight … Read more

The uTalk Guide to Italian Plurals

If you’re learning Italian, one of the first issues you may have come across is how on earth do plurals work? But, don’t despair! Norma, uTalk’s Marketing Intern (and Italian extraordinaire!) has created this guide to help you so you’ll never have to worry about those pesky plurals again. Contents 1. Identifying Gender 1.1 Articles … Read more

uTalk enters the classroom via Kahoot

uTalk has launched 10 free language quizzes on popular game-based learning platform Kahoot. The fun and addictive quizzes are based on the free Starter Words in our and covers core languages in the curriculum (list). There’s even a Learn English from Spanish quiz specially designed for the US where Spanish is the second language. The quizzes were … Read more

Putney teacher honoured in new memorial fund to help schools compete in national Junior Language Challenge

Organisers of the uTalk Junior Language Challenge have announced the launch of the Laetitia Collender Memorial Fund, a special bursary set up in memory of a popular teacher from Putney in West London who was a passionate supporter of the national language competition. The Junior Language Challenge (JLC) is an annual competition for primary school … Read more

‘Something I’ll always be very proud of’: Shane’s JLC story

Shane came in 3rd in The Junior Language Challenge in 2014 and is now in year 7 studying German and Latin. Below he talks about the wonderful JLC experience and why any teacher/parent should register their kids.  If you’re a parent or teacher of children aged 10 and under in the UK, visit to find out more about … Read more

Stop thinking about it and get going!

In the spirit of ‘Linguists Anonymous’, I am Felicity Jones, 45, and I am mildly addicted to learning other languages. I speak French, German, Spanish, Italian and some Mandarin. I have used uTalk to learn some Danish, and my January challenge is Greek. Even as a child I would listen under the bed cover to … Read more

Why Russian? Why not?

Lucy was our first ever winner of the Junior Language Challenge and at age 23 has now chosen to take part in the uTalk Challenge learning Russian. Lucy already speaks Spanish, French, Italian, German and Latin and has been learning languages since she was 10 years old. Why? Why not? I was talking to some … Read more

What languages mean to me

Interview with Alexandra Turner – translator, writer, editor Alex left her London life a few months ago to go and travel around the world. She is passionate about culture and languages and has traveled to 26 countries up to now. At the moment she lives in Stockholm, Sweden (and we deeply envy her for that). EuroTalk: What … Read more