Android 3.8.5(2092) Bug – What Happened?

In November and December last year, we had been working for several weeks to fix a few minor problems, with the aim of releasing update 3.8.5(2092) before Christmas. However, when we uploaded an extensively tested update for release on the Android store before Christmas, Google unexpectedly required us to update to a new API (a … Read more

🙌 uTalk Release 3.4: More Free Words! 🙌

Our tech guys have been hard at work over here on all sorts of fun stuff and we’ve decided it’s time to give you all a little treat. With this new update, we’re going to almost double the amount of free words available on the app—so alongside such classics as ‘yes’ and ‘no’, you’ll also … Read more

What’s the buzz? 🐝

New languages and a faster app are waiting for you when you update to uTalk 2.08.   Languages added in 2018 are Ancient Greek, Southern Saami, Manx, Kinyarwanda, Dzongkha, Lingala, and Xhosa.   Tech improvements – in FULL – are:   *Sound effects now muted when your phone is in silent mode – we’ve listened … Read more