What’s the buzz? 🐝

New languages and a faster app are waiting for you when you update to uTalk 2.08.


Languages added in 2018 are Ancient Greek, Southern Saami, Manx, Kinyarwanda, Dzongkha, Lingala, and Xhosa.


Tech improvements – in FULL – are:


*Sound effects now muted when your phone is in silent mode – we’ve listened to your feedback on this.

*The app remembers your uTalk password so you don’t have to.

*The chance to try our free starter words without the hassle of filling in your email and creating a password.  If you want to save your progress, earn in-app coins and sync your scores, just create a free account.

*Face ID, Touch ID (both iOS) and Android Password Manager to autofill your login.

* Faster download – we’ve compressed uTalk more efficiently so it takes up less space on your phone and uses less data to download.

  • The app works much faster in offline mode because it’s now better at detecting switches between online and offline mode.



🐛Bugs booted out:

  • A bug which stopped certain topics showing up, even though you’d already bought them.
  • A bug causing a small number of subscribers to be asked for uCoins.

These were super-annoying for you, we got it!


We hope you like what we’ve done.  If you do please tell us at utalk.com/review.  Any problems? Contact us at support@utalk.com and we’ll do our best to help.

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