uTalk enters the classroom via Kahoot

uTalk has launched 10 free language quizzes on popular game-based learning platform Kahoot.

The fun and addictive quizzes are based on the free Starter Words in our utalk.com/app and covers core languages in the curriculum (list). There’s even a Learn English from Spanish quiz specially designed for the US where Spanish is the second language.

The quizzes were dreamt up by 16-year-old Henry Howeson who loves Kahoot and thought other school children would enjoy uTalk’s fun approach to languages.

It’s been an interesting summer project for me and it’s nice to know that language lessons will be a little more fun and engaging when I get back to school,” said Henry.

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Have a go at uTalk’s Kahoot quizzes for yourself!

Learn Japanese Quiz

Learn Chinese Mandarin Quiz

Learn Spanish Quiz

Learn Latin Quiz

Learn Arabic Modern Standard Quiz

Learn Russian Quiz

Learn German Quiz

Learn Italian Quiz

Learn French Quiz

Learn English from Spanish Quiz

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