How to Count to 20 in Catalan

How to Count to 20 in Catalan

If you’re learning Catalan, then one of the things you’ll need to tackle are numbers. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be difficult at all! Read this post to learn how to count to 20 in Catalan and how the uTalk app can help you have fun while you do it.

Why are numbers important?

You use numbers every day in the language you speak, even if you don’t really think about it. You need numbers to tell the time, to find out how much something costs, or even just to order some coffee!

If you’ve spent time on any other Romance language, then you probably won’t find Catalan numbers that difficult at all. Romance languages are all descended from Latin, which means their system of numbers are very similar.

Haven’t learnt another Romance language? No problem! We’ll show you the numbers zero to 20 in this post and then let you know how you can use our app to practise them so that they’ll come to you just as easily as they do in your first language.

The numbers 0 – 10

Here are the Catalan numbers zero to 10:

8vuitIn Valencia, you might hear huit instead of vuit.

The numbers 11 – 20

Once you’ve learnt set, vuit, and nou above, then the Catalan for 17, 18, and 19 will become much easier, too.

12dotzeThis comes from the Latin duodecim (‘twelve’), which is also where we get the word ‘dozen’ in English (Catalan = dotzena).
17dissetYou might also see dèsset or desset (Valencian).
18divuitIn Valencia, you might hear díhuit instead of divuit.
19dinouYou might also see dènou or dèneu (Valencian).

How can uTalk help you learn numbers in Catalan?

Every number in our app is voiced by male and female native speakers, and you’ll get to fine tune your pronunciation by recording yourself copying them and then comparing the result. There are also five memory-boosting games for you to play and, as you go through, you’ll find that the numbers will start coming to you naturally.

And the numbers you’ll learn don’t just stop at 20 – you can learn to count up to ten million in Catalan!

Interested in giving uTalk a try for free? The numbers one, two, three, and 10 are featured in our Free Starter Words topic, which is available for every language. Want to keep learning? Click this link and you’ll get 40% off your next Catalan subscription.

Happy language learning!

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