Sent With Love: Our Tips for the UK Royals

Newly-wed Megan Markle touched our hearts when she called Prince Harry “my love” at a recent gala performance.

But how much more fun would it have been if she’d used one of these quirky terms of affection from another tongue?

Here’s our top ten suggestions:

  1. Frenchma puce meaning my flea.
  2. Portuguesechuchuzinho meaning little squash (the vegetable).
  3. Persianmoosh bokhoradet which literally translates as may a mouse eat you!
  4. Polishkruszynko meaning as soft and gentle as a breadcrumb.
  5. Hungarianbogarkam meaning little insect.
  6. Chinese傻瓜 which literally translates as silly melon and means fool but in a playful way.
  7. Italian: polpetta which means meatball.
  8. Spanishmedia naranja meaning half an orange or, as we say, my other half.
  9. GermanMausbär – mouse-bear – meaning someone who has the smallness of a mouse and the cuddliness of a bear.
  10. Netherlandspoepie meaning little poop and, yes, this really is a term of affection!

Did you know?

The Japanese compliment someone by calling them an egg with eyes – tamago gata no kao – meaning someone with a beautiful, oval-shaped face.

If you know any fun terms of endearment in other languages, we’d love you to share them with us!

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