Riesci a ottenere 15/15 su questo test di inglese?

È stato scientificamente provato che si impara di più divertendosi! Sulla nostra app si trovano giochi divertenti, ma perché non mettere alla prova il tuo inglese con un quiz? Imparare la lingua più parlata al mondo è una necessità per lavorare all’estero, comunicare con persone in tutto il mondo, e tanto altro. Per questo, abbiamo … Read more

German Cuisine: Is It Really the Wurst?

Germany is famous for a lot of things—but its cuisine doesn’t really top that list. Most stereotypes around German food include sausages, potatoes and lots and lots of beer. And while these stereotypes may be somewhat grounded in fact, Germany has much more to offer—as we’ll share with you today. If you’re in any city … Read more

My Little… Cabbage? Terms of Endearment From Around the World

As Valentine’s Day is slowly creeping up on us, it’s time to learn how some of the other cultures express their love for one another. Some of them are sweet, some of them are funny but definitely all of them are very interesting to discover and-who knows?- maybe some of you can even apply them … Read more