Mexican Wave

I don’t like shopping much – that’s just not me at all. But put me on the the A40 to Westfield, White City and I’m your man. Oh the joys of driving in post-riot Ealing at the end of last week! As I speed past spookily quiet streets complete with their boarded up shops and waved on by the police, I get there in record time. My one aim – to do my little bit for our economy during these dark days. I think the rest of West London has the same idea as the car park is filling quickly. But it’s the food that I’m after, for Westfield boasts a number of restaurants, and I’m in search of … well, what I’m told is the best Mexican in town.

Wahaca sounded like a bit of a godsend, if, like me, you’ve spent some time south of the Rio Grande, got to know the food, and returning home kept wondering why no one could be bothered to do it properly. That is until Thomasina Miers came along (ex-Masterchef winner, I’ll have you know) who set the joint up.

Wahaca restaurant

Thank you, Thomasina, for your unfussy, flavoursome delights that didn’t cost me ‘un brazo y una pierna’ (do they say that in Mexico?), for using fresh, well-sourced ingredients and keeping your food simple! I loved the Ceviche Salad – so fresh and lemony – and the Pibil Tacos, filled to the brim with tender marinated pork, weren’t bad at all. Oh, I could go on, because even if you think you don’t like Mexican food, there’s a chance you’ll change your views after eating here. Wash it all down with one of their Mojitos, or even a cerveza (you can get a Negra Modelo). Don’t go for a long, romantic dinner though – it’s too noisy and full of buzz!

Wahaca is a chain, but not on the scale of Topshop or Zara, just a few yards away; with just four premises they’re keeping it small, and I hope they don’t spoil it by opening too many more. You may not want to come all the way to Westfield – Soho and Covent Garden are central enough, if you’re visiting town.


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  1. I lived in California for about 12years and have wondered when the UK would bring out a good Mexican restaurant. I discovered what seems to be a fast food Mexican restaurant in bluewater called Chilango. Try it out, es muy bien!


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