The EuroTalk February photo challenge

Following the success of this month’s uTalk challenge, we’ve decided to have another one! But this time it’s open to everyone, and hopefully requires a bit less brain strain…

Introducing the EuroTalk February photo challenge!

EuroTalk February photo challenge

How does the challenge work?

1. Each day, starting from 1st February, you’ll get a new theme, and you need to share a photo that reflects that theme on one or more of your social networks – more on that in a second. Try and interpret the theme in a fun, creative way, as we’ll be sharing our favourites over the course of the month, choosing a Photo of the Day each day and selecting an overall winner at the end of the month.

2. When you share your photo, tell us how to say whatever’s in your picture, in another language. It can be any language you like; you can even do a different one every day if you want to, as long as it’s not your own. And remember to tell us which language it is too!

3. Use hashtag #uTalkinpics to let everyone (including us!) know you’re taking part in the challenge.


My photo for #Holiday – sunset, or der Sonnenuntergang in German 🙂 #uTalkinpics

Sunset at Cobo Bay, Guernsey

Where should I share my photos?

4. You can share your photos on whichever social network you like – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, anywhere… But to be considered for Photo of the Day and overall winner, you’ll need to use one of the following:

And remember to use hashtag #uTalkinpics

What if I miss a day?

5. If you miss a day, or don’t find out about the challenge until it’s already started, it’s no problem. You can catch up by posting more than one picture per day – or just skip that day altogether and carry on.

How can I win?

6. We’ll choose our Photo of the Day the following morning (or possibly on Monday for photos submitted over the weekend), to allow entries right up to the end of the day from every time zone. This will appear on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, as well as in a weekly round-up here on the blog, so be ready to share your glory with the world!

7. At the end of the month, we’ll choose our overall winner to receive a cool prize. This will be someone who we feel has really got into it and had some fun. The winner will be chosen by the EuroTalk team and our decision is final 🙂

Spread the word!

8. Please share the challenge with friends, and let’s get the world talking lots of different languages

Good luck, and have fun – we can’t wait to see your photos!


3 thoughts on “The EuroTalk February photo challenge”

  1. February photo challenge quite strange.
    One is invited to submit themed a picture and “say whatever’s in the picture in another language”. This was done with two photos I offered with full commentaries in French and Russian. Looking through other entries later hardly a single word other than English is used except perhaps occasionally ONE word translated. Have your rules changed?

    • Hello, and thanks for your entries in the photo challenge. The rules are quite flexible; although we’d envisioned a word or two in another language (as in our example above), we’re equally happy with full commentary! This is our first photo challenge so we’re very open to feedback and will take on board what you’ve said. Thank you 🙂


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