uTalk onboard easyJet’s new inflight service for Swiss routes

uTalk has been chosen to be part of the roll-out of +Air Time; a pioneering new in-flight entertainment system that allows passengers to interact and play with games.  

Passengers can broaden their horizons and learn to speak a few words and phrases in 150+ languages before they  touch down on selected routes thanks to the unique collaboration between uTalk and Immfly, the developers of Air Time. 

Using their own phones, tablets, or computers, passengers connect to the new system using WiFi and their web browser, which gives super fast speeds to everyone on board. No app or prior download is needed.

uTalk Product Director Simon Solts has adapted the uTalk app to make it work on Air Time and give passengers a taster of what they can expect if they download the whole app when they land. 

“This was a fun challenge for us and its been very satisfying to see it working so easily for passengers. Our language learning is flexible and can be used in so many ways – we hope to continue to make it available on lots of new platforms.” 

uTalk is also selling two new products on board to give people a chance to extend their language learning with all 60+ topics in each language.

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