Le Musée de l’Homme – Paris

7000 languages, 7 billion people – one museum’s answer

The word of God, children’s novels, recipes, drunken talk, rumours or political promises: everything is about speaking.

It’s estimated that there are 7000 spoken languages in the world and a billion different ways to say all those things. This uninterrupted discussion among people of generations started with the first verbal communication which is thought to have happened 100 000 years ago.

Every language has his own history.

Some languages are developing whilst others are dying; others are created but all of them are transforming.


Le Musée de l’Homme in Paris, after its renovation in 2015, created a languages wall. This intuitive installation mixes technology and love of languages and is a must-see for polyglots or amateur linguists when visiting the French capital.


The museum show’s how mankind has evolved through different social and cultural communication (such as languages) and creates a big-picture vision of conflicts over the centuries. If you’re in Paris then take a look – it could help you understand the way that history has repeated itself and the role language has to play in it.

Take a look here.

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