EuroTalk Egg-Smashing Championship 2016 – Who Will Win?


It’s Easter, which for some of us means chocolate eggs or hot cross buns, but here at EuroTalk we’re celebrating with another tradition: egg tapping. It’s very simple, so you can do it from home:

1) Boil a load of eggs, one for each participant.

2) Decorate the eggs- This can be done in a number of ways, the most popular of which may be to boil them with onion skins to make a reddish finish. If you’re feeling artistic, press some leaves against the unboiled eggs and secure them with an old stocking, then boil them to leave the impression of the leaf. You can also paint the egg after boiling. Here at EuroTalk, we enjoy personifying our eggs so we put little warrior faces on them (with some of them even going to the effort of putting their war-paint on!)

3) Arrange yourselves into pairs, and in each pair tap first the tops of your eggs together, then the bottoms. If an egg cracks, it loses the round, and you have to eat it. The winner is the one whose egg survives the longest!

The EuroTalk Championships:

Round 1: Alex versus Ioana: After a small amount of cracking on the top of Alex’s egg, Ioana really smashed her advantage home by shattering the bottom of her opponent’s egg: a clear winner.

Round 2: Safia versus Nat: The initial tap only drew a tiny crack from Safia’s egg, but the second tap left the same egg in shreds whilst Nat’s was still uninjured.

The Final: Ioana versus Nat:
Nat’s egg suffered a major injury in the first round, but a strong grip during the second tap left Ioana’s egg struggling in the ring, and Nat’s egg was crowned the winner of this year’s 2016 Egg Smashing Championships!

We celebrated by eating all the egg participants, winners and losers, to prove that no foul-play (concrete fillings etc.) had been perpetrated in the preparing of the eggs.

Tune in next year to see how the eggs perform!

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