How Different Languages Say ‘Hello’!

Greetings are so important that every language on Earth has a different way to say hello. Have you ever wondered what hello actually means and why we greet people with it? What are some more colourful ways to say hello in other languages around the world? Are there languages where greetings don’t exist? Brian Loo … Read more

The Fascinating Greenlandic Language

By our multi-lingual friend Brian Loo Soon Hua, a.k.a. uTalk’s Language Guru. “No Smoking” signs in Nuuk, Greenland are often in three languages: Greenlandic (Pujortarfigeqqusaanngitsoq), Danish (Røgfrit Område– literally “Smoke-free Area”) and English (No Smoking). Notice anything special about the Greenlandic version? Greenlandic, like several other indigenous languages in North and South America, allows the … Read more