Learning Spanish: don’t be embarazada…

When learning a new language, one thing we all want to avoid is making a fool of ourselves. For those of you learning Spanish, here is a little cheat sheet to steer clear of future embarrassment:   When asking for a spoon at a restaurant, be sure to say: ¿Puedo tener una cuchara, por favor? = … Read more

Go on… make a mistake!

Everyone’s had that embarrassing moment in a language class when the teacher asks a question and it’s followed by total silence. Nobody wants to answer; nobody wants to risk saying something wrong. You all look at the floor and hope someone else will say something, and pray the teacher won’t single you out. Because improvising … Read more

Beware false friends

Learning a new language is a great experience: familiarising yourself with a new culture, discovering a new way to express yourself, and hopefully enabling yourself to order a beer in one more country. However, as a language-learner, you also need to be aware of the pitfalls that await you. The dreaded ‘false friends’ that lurk … Read more