The emotional journey of a language learner

So. You’ve decided you want to speak another language. But as we all know, learning and knowing are two very different things, so brace yourself for the bumpy road ahead…

1. The optimistic early days

Hurrah! You’re going to learn a language, and it’s going to be easy, and fun, and you’re going to be fluent before you know it. Bring it on!

2. The study hours

So, with great enthusiasm, you buy books, download apps, spend days learning verb endings…

3. The reality check

Oh. Turns out this might not be as easy as you thought.

4. The tough days

Sometimes it’ll feel like nothing’s sinking in…

5. The lazy days

The sun’s out. Who wants to sit around studying? Let’s go to the beach!

6. The doubts

What if you make a mistake and embarrass yourself?

7. The panic

Or join in a conversation and then don’t understand a word?

8. The despair

You may even feel like giving up altogether.

But don’t – because it’s about to get good!

9. The first successful conversation

When you ask someone for an ice cream – and actually get what you asked for. The right flavour and everything…

10. The quiet satisfaction

When you impress people by telling them you speak another language.

11. That smug feeling

When you see a tourist struggling, and you can be the mysterious stranger who steps in and helps them out.

12. The sense of achievement

When you talk to someone in their language and they don’t immediately realise you’re from a different country.

And let’s not forget…

13. The new places you can discover

14. The new friends you’ll make

15. It even makes you smarter.

So what are you waiting for?


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