Learn Spanish Through Podcasts! An Interview with Tamara, from Learn Spanish Con Salsa

If you’ve been learning languages for a while, then chances are good you’ve heard of using podcasts – even if you haven’t managed to give them a try. We spoke to Tamara Marie, a language coach and host of the podcast Learn Spanish Con Salsa (as well as the brand-new Dominican Spanish 101)! Find out … Read more

Distant Cousins From Across the Oceans

Imagine speaking a language separated from its closest relatives by thousands of kilometres. Imagine if these languages were part of an immense family that spanned more than three-quarters of the globe. Before Europe’s Age of Exploration, speakers of this language family had navigated the oceans without a compass and colonised a massive area from Madagascar … Read more

The Healing Power of Language Learning

More than 5,000 modern slavery offences are recorded by police in the UK every year but experts believe this is just the tip of the iceberg. Modern slavery typically involves labour exploitation or sexual exploitation and sometimes both. Around three-quarters of victims who are brought to the attention of UK authorities are not UK nationals … Read more

I verbi frasali in inglese: seconda parte

Con più di 2.500 parole e frasi in oltre 140 lingue, c’è molto che l’applicazione uTalk ti offre da imparare. Se stai imparando l’inglese e hai difficoltà ha capire i ‘phrasal verbs’, abbiamo diviso i 27 verbi frasali più usati in tre articoli – scorri per trovare la seconda parte con altri 9 verbi frasali … Read more

The uTalk Guide to Italian Plurals

If you’re learning Italian, one of the first issues you may have come across is how on earth do plurals work? But, don’t despair! Norma, uTalk’s Marketing Intern (and Italian extraordinaire!) has created this guide to help you so you’ll never have to worry about those pesky plurals again. Contents 1. Identifying Gender 1.1 Articles … Read more

Imparando il tedesco per sette giorni con uTalk

Con più di 2.500 parole e frasi in oltre 140 lingue, c’è molto che l’applicazione uTalk ti offre per imparare. Siccome siamo sempre più occupati, quanto tempo dovremmo realisticamente dedicare all’apprendimento di una lingua? Per rispondere a questa domanda, la nostra stagista di Marketing, Norma, ha usato l’applicazione per una settimana per vedere quanto tedesco … Read more