Language Learning Myths #3: Everybody Speaks English!

In our ongoing series, we’re busting all kinds of myths that prevent people from learning a new language. We’ve previously looked at whether you need a special gene or talent for languages (you don’t) or if you’re too old to learn a language once you’re past a certain age (you’re not) but today’s myth is … Read more

Language Learning Myths #2: Adults Can’t Learn a New Language

In the second part of our blog series on myths surrounding language learning, we’re exploring the myth that you have to be under a certain age to learn a new language. Do children really learn everything better than adults, or are there some advantages to being older and learning a new skill? If you’re over … Read more

Language Learning Myths #1: A Talent For Languages

In this blog series, we’re going to explore common myths people have about learning a new language so that we can encourage you to give it a try. Today’s post explores the idea of a ‘language-learning gene’—do some people really just have a talent for languages? Making assumptions is never ideal. However, we’re going to … Read more