The benefits of being multilingual

Today, we’re welcoming back EuroTalk blogger Kirsty with some of the biggest benefits of learning other languages. How has knowing more than one language helped you? Let us know in the comments! 1. It makes you cleverer It has long been thought that learning another language, and being competent at it, indicates a high level of … Read more

8 ways to remember new vocabulary

Let’s start with a bold statement: everyone is good at languages. I know lots of people are probably disagreeing with me right now. But the fact is, we all learnt our own language, so technically we should be able to learn another one. Right? Of course there are lots of elements to becoming fluent in another language. … Read more

Learning a new language will make you smarter

Today’s post was written by Tom, who’s just spent a year working at EuroTalk as part of his university degree course. He’s been doing some research on some of the less obvious – but just as important – benefits of learning a language. Most people would agree that knowing more than one language in today’s … Read more