Want to learn a language? Go to the pub*

The blog article about ‘Learning a language – our top 10 tips’ is so true! Now I have been in London for more than three months and you have to take all the tips to your heart. For example, ‘Don’t be scared to talk to people’ and ‘Find someone to talk to’ are very important points. And I found a good solution. Near to my house is a pub. And over time the publican and me, we have become good friends. He is a very friendly man and his daughter helps in the pub too. A happy family business! Every time I pass the pub, he waves at me. This makes me happy and I feel like I’ve arrived in this new city.

Meeting people in the pub is great language practiceI remember, the first time I was in the pub, because the internet in my homestay didn’t work. I thought, the pub will definitely have wi-fi! And I was right. I ordered a Coke and sat there with my laptop. The publican was curious about what I am doing in London and why I am here.  I can imagine, suddenly there is a person from another country, speaking another language. Thus the first step was done. Whenever I didn’t know what to do with my evening, I would go to the pub. One day I was even allowed to use his kitchen for muffins! My host mother had a birthday and I thought it could be nice to make some for her. In the end I did 24 because the publican said, why didn’t I use all my ingredients.

So don’t be scared to go in a pub and if someone wants to speak with you, don’t panic. They are interested and they can help you to improve your English. Ask if you don’t understand something, and they will explain it to you. Believe me, it makes you happy, if you understand the meaning! So what do we learn from this? Always go in pubs!

And as point 10 said: ‘Enjoy it’! This the main thing. You want to learn a new language for you and you don’t have to prove anything to anybody. It is for you alone. If you are happy with the things that you are doing, you learn faster and more. I talk a lot with my host mother and love it. Every evening we have dinner together, we talk about her and my day. To live in a host family is also a good solution because when you arrive, you aren’t alone. Or like me, start an internship in this country! You have people around you and everything you are doing has to do with the language you want to learn. You take part in a working life. And before I take the train to come home, I take the London Evening Standard and read it in the train. Any social things you find, use them! Or what about a book? Start with one you know you will understand and later you can buy a book with a higher reading level.


* Or a cafe. Or a restaurant. They work too.

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