uTalk to launch first PopUp College language class at Putney coffee shop

Customers at the Costa Coffee store on Upper Richmond Road will be more prepared than most to order a cappuccino in style as uTalk prepares to launch Italian evening classes there from 10th January. The initiative is a pilot for uTalk and PopUp College, who believe that making learning less formal and more social improves motivation … Read more

To tip or not to tip?

A social dilemma you’re bound to fall into at some point is whether or not to tip – and how much! Tip too little and you risk the waiter chasing you down the street shouting abuse; tip too much and you might gravely offend the staff. Tipping customs vary all over the world, between different countries … Read more

EuroTalk: a look back at 2013

It’s been another busy year at EuroTalk, with new products, new languages… and a new puppy. Throw in a royal encounter and a cake that looks like a Dalek, and you’ve got the makings of an interesting twelve months. Languages In June, we launched our new app for iPhone and iPod touch, uTalk. This had … Read more