Which Languages Are Spoken in Singapore?

Which Languages Are Spoken in Singapore

Do you know how many official languages Singapore has? What about the name of the creole used by many different Singaporeans? Learn more about the multilingual wonders of Singapore today by reading our latest blog post! Languages spoken in Singapore Singapore, which is an independent island country and formerly part of Malaysia, is home to … Read more

To tip or not to tip?

A social dilemma you’re bound to fall into at some point is whether or not to tip – and how much! Tip too little and you risk the waiter chasing you down the street shouting abuse; tip too much and you might gravely offend the staff. Tipping customs vary all over the world, between different countries … Read more

15 cultural faux pas to avoid when travelling

Before you go on holiday, or on a business trip abroad, it’s a great idea to learn a little of the local language. But getting along with people is about much more than just the words you say. There are other rules too, so here are our top tips to avoid misunderstandings abroad. 1. Be very … Read more