Getting to know you: ‘Hallo’ from Lorena

My name is Lorena and I am from Germany. I just finished school and now I’ve started a placement at EuroTalk for five months. This is my third week in the company and it is very exciting. I am working on a project to help EuroTalk promote their maths apps in Germany. I’m having fun thinking about this task and I have a lot of ideas!

On my third day at EuroTalk, Wednesday 18th September, I went to the Junior Language Challenge at the Cranmore School in Surrey. It was the semi-final for London (South). At one o’clock we arrived at the school and prepared the iPads so that the children could use the Greek app.

About thirty thrilled children were ready to start! 🙂

… And after the welcome, it was finally happening.

The children were split up in two groups of thirteen and each group played the games. The children with the best score came into the final. The teachers and some parents could follow which position the children were in, because there was a whiteboard with the current score. For the children it was a very exciting situation and the teacher and parents were pretty curious.

After the challenge I saw only smiling kids! They were so happy and very proud of the certificates they got from EuroTalk.

The London (South) finalists!
The three finalists from London (South) – Salvatore, Rebecca and Aalaya
All the semi-finalists!
The semi-finalists with their certificates 🙂

And for me was it an interesting day and I got some impression of how EuroTalk promotes languages for children.


Lorena, Dick and Franco from EuroTalk
Me with Dick and Franco from EuroTalk


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