Live Life Multilingually: An Interview with Elle, from Speaking Tongues

With around 86 million people – in the US alone! – listening to podcasts at least occasionally, it’s definitely a fast-growing medium. We’ve covered before how you can use podcasts to learn languages, including some specific suggestions for Quebecois French, but did you know there’s a whole world of language-adjacent podcasts out there, where you … Read more

Learn Spanish Through Podcasts! An Interview with Tamara, from Learn Spanish Con Salsa

If you’ve been learning languages for a while, then chances are good you’ve heard of using podcasts – even if you haven’t managed to give them a try. We spoke to Tamara Marie, a language coach and host of the podcast Learn Spanish Con Salsa (as well as the brand-new Dominican Spanish 101)! Find out … Read more

Sisters Only Language Summit: An Interview with Desta, from Languages through Music

The third Sisters Only Language Summit is taking place on 30th January 2021 and uTalk are excited to be sponsoring the event for a second time! Last July, we sat down with Desta, one of the organisers and the founder of Languages through Music to ask her about herself, her business, and what she thinks … Read more