Riesci a ottenere 15/15 su questo test di inglese?

È stato scientificamente provato che si impara di più divertendosi! Sulla nostra app si trovano giochi divertenti, ma perché non mettere alla prova il tuo inglese con un quiz? Imparare la lingua più parlata al mondo è una necessità per lavorare all’estero, comunicare con persone in tutto il mondo, e tanto altro. Per questo, abbiamo … Read more

The uTalk Guide to Spanish Punctuation

From punctuation to pronunciation, move your Spanish up a notch by reading our latest post from Emily, uTalk’s Languages Manager. You’ll learn why Spanish questions are always sandwiched between question marks, why you should really be careful to differentiate between ‘n’ and ‘ñ’ and one of the best ways to train yourself to recognise Spanish … Read more

Sisters Only Language Summit: An Interview with Desta, from Languages through Music

The third Sisters Only Language Summit is taking place on 30th January 2021 and uTalk are excited to be sponsoring the event for a second time! Last July, we sat down with Desta, one of the organisers and the founder of Languages through Music to ask her about herself, her business, and what she thinks … Read more

The uTalk Guide to Mandarin Pronunciation

If you’ve started learning Mandarin Chinese and don’t have any knowledge of any other east Asian languages, you might have noticed that there’s a bit of a learning curve when it comes to good pronunciation. In fact, at first glance, it might not be clear what’s going on at all! Read this post, the first … Read more

What even is Maltenglish?

If you’ve been hanging around our social media, you may have noticed that Maltese is our language of the week! One of Malta’s two official languages, Maltese holds the unique position of being the only Semitic language that is also an official language of the EU. But Malta’s tumultuous history has led to many other … Read more